Numark AVM 01 Professional Audio/video Mixer With Effects


AVM 01 Professional Audio/video Mixer With Effects.

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Professional Audio/video Mixer With Effects.

Professional Audio/Video Performance Mixer and Effects.

Separate DJ crossfaders for audio and video.

Video mixing options include fades, 96 wipe patterns, picture-in-picture (PIP), and Chroma Key (blue screen) and Luma key (black screen) capability for superimposing images.

2 video effect sections with mosaic, strobe, freeze, paint, and invert (multiple simultaneous effects possible).

Joystick control for wipes and picture-in-picture control.

10 background color options.

4 video channels with 2 composite and 2 S-video inputs 2 S-video, 2 composite main outputs and 4 video monitor outputs.

3 stereo audio inputs and 1 mic input with audio cueing section and headphone output.

2 stereo main audio outputs Rack-mountable rugged metal enclosure (rack ears are removable for tabletop use).

Ideal for live audio/video performance.

Universal power supply.

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