Moving Head Spot 250W


Κινούμενη Κεφαλή Spot 250W. Moving Head Spot 250 W

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Κινούμενη Κεφαλή Spot 250W.

Moving Head Spot 250 W.

Putting out 1800 Lumen at 6000 degrees Kelvin and almost silent operation.

7 DMX Channels-Fully Programmable

Gobo wheel: 7 Gobos + open

Colour wheel: 8 Colours + open, 8 Split-Colour capability

Full Dimming, Strobe and Blackout

Sound-Active, Stand-Alone, Master/Slave, DMX

Remote Home/Reset and Lamp Shutdown or Re-Strike capability via DMX.

Factory-programmed self-test functions

Pan: 520 Tilt: 245 Lamp: ELC 24V 250W G5.3

Size (mm): 300 x 250 x 250. Weight: 6.6 kg

Available colours : black, white, grey, red, green, blue, yellow.

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Βάρος 9 kg



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