Led Moving Head


Led Moving Head – Κινούμενη Κεφαλή Led

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Led Moving Head – Κινούμενη Κεφαλή Led

Luminous source : 37 led luxeon 1W each

Declared lamp life 100.000 hours

A very silent air flow system activates only when needed.

Optics: policarbonate convergent lenses.

Movement pan 538° – tilt 270°

Electronic Dimming, complete adjustment of light output from 0 to 100%; min. fade time 100Ns.

Electronic strobe variable from 0 to 100 Hz, synchronised, random and pulse effect

Infinite colours generated by convergent RGB colour system Led mains supply constant mains control on 3 channels: R, G, B

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Βάρος 11,5 kg



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