12 Channel Dmx Dimmer Pack


Πακέτο Dmx Dimmer 12 Καναλιών

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Πακέτο Dmx Dimmer 12 Καναλιών.

12 Channel Dmx Dimmer Pack.

Digital LCD display, DMX input three phase input :10A/ channel ,total 20A /phase, or make some adjustment as customers΅― instruction.

Microcomputer control Separate DMX addressing for each channel

Built-in 12 chase programs, chase speed adjustable

Chase programs 1-12,DMX Hold, Analogue can be selectable

Phase correction activates linear dimming (0-100%)

Control curve selectable from Linear /Switch /Square

Analogue input works without any adjustment

Electronic protection against short circuits

Power failure memory Metal of 12 channels can be taken out respectively so channels can be checked and repaired respectively.


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Βάρος 27 kg



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